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SGR – Sociedade Gestora de Resíduos, S.A. is a waste management company, created in 2006 to respond to the global waste management needs of companies and individuals.

SGR, S.A. promotes sorting, recycling, energy recovery and reuse of waste, within the Industrial Ecology Parks (PEI), currently located in Maia, Seixal and Chamusca.

The notion of Industrial Ecology is born as a new paradigm for current industrial systems, and it is a notion generally applied to parks where different types of industrial activity are concentrated, where the inputs of some (products and raw materials) can be the outputs of others (waste, heat, etc.), in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In 2022, SGR, SA expanded its activity to provide services in the area of ​​demolition, cutting and drilling using a diamond system, covering all types of demolition work, whether by traditional, careful methods, with or without vibration, being equipped with specialized personnel, with great know-how and experience in this activity. In order to respond to the different types of cutting, the company has the most recent power stations and respective accessories, which operate solely with electrical energy, without resorting to the use of hydraulic oil, with the advantages of being more efficient, without generating another waste with the obvious consequences for the environment and possible dirt on site.

Thus, from the beginning, we invested in people, innovative processes and cutting-edge productive equipment, adapted to respond to market demands and safeguarding the safety and well-being of employees.

With this new activity, we sought to create a global offer circuit to the customer who needs alterations, openings and demolition works until the removal of materials, taking advantage of the entire group of companies where it operates and the respective equipment and available personnel and creating connections between existing in-house demolition, transport, collection and waste removal services.

SGR, S.A. Holds Construction Permit No. 102278-PUB, issued by IMPIC.

This concept encourages the creation of connections between industrial and economic activities, proposes a holistic perspective instead of the classic reductionist vision of conception, design or analysis and implements a global vision of the life cycle of products.

With this concept, we intend to transfer this vision of our parks to our customers, making our mission of sending “Zero Waste to Landfill” an objective also for our customers.



SGR – Sociedade Gestora de Resíduos, S.A., in Seixal, was established with the aim of offering its clients a global waste management, following the guidelines of good environmental practices.

Our activity consists of the reception and sorting of CDW, the production and supply of recycled inert aggregates, reception and sorting of NHIW, production and supply of RDF, reception of tyres, production and supply of shredded tyres, and the rental of equipment for the conditioning of waste.

SGR pursues a medium/long-term business strategy based on the concept of sustained growth, promoting the importance of constant demand for solutions that increase the capacity for the reuse, recycling and recovery of waste, thus contributing to the reduction of the amount of waste sent and deposited in landfills.

Since our clients are fundamental parts in our sustained growth, their satisfaction is crucial, and achieved through the fulfillment of their requirements and the agreed conditions. In line with this objective, we promote the personal and professional valorization of our employees, based on their training, motivation and participation.

In order for the management of SGR to be carried out in regard to quality, it is essential to reinforce the involvement of all its clients, employees, and suppliers. This means the latter must be qualified and committed to the quality of the products and services provided.
The Management also undertakes to ensure that its Quality Management System and its Factory Production Control Systems respond to the requirements of clients and other stakeholders and to the development and continuous improvement of their services and products, complying with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements. In addition, it assumes compliance with all the requirements of its QMS and Factory Production Control Systems and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

In line with what has already been stated, it is essential to achieve and adjust the objectives.

The Management defines and disseminates its Quality Policy, committing itself to its suitability and to its understanding and implementation by Transucatas' employees, providing all the necessary means.



Since 2012, SGR has had a Quality Management System implemented under the norm NP EN ISO 9001 at its facilities in Seixal, as well as a Factory Production Control System of its Recycled Inert Aggregates according to the standard NP EN 13242 "Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction".

In 2015, besides being a pioneer in the production of alternative fuels, it became the first company in Portugal to certify Refuse-Derived Fuels (RDF) through NP 4486, which aims to frame the production, criteria of classification and quality management (physical and chemical parameters) of the RDF in Portugal.