We receive your waste

We respond to the global waste management needs of businesses and individuals.

We recycle

We give a second life to your waste, transforming it into raw materials and products, carrying out sorting, recycling, energy recovery, and reuse.

We are a certified company

We understand that process improvement is a part of how we evolve. We are certified in various aspects.


  • Responsiveness

    As part of a group of companies with a broad business area based on waste management, SGR is able to respond to all the waste management needs of our clients.

  • Availability

    Total availability in all departments for service and the provision of requested information.

  • Personalized Service

    Through a sales technician and our client support service, in conjunction with the logistics department, we integrate information.

  • Diversity and adaptability

    We have a great diversity of equipment, and we develop solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

  • Clarity, integrity and honesty

    Clarity, integrity and honesty are keywords in business success; we believe this only works when it is beneficial to both parties.

  • Specialized labour

    Skilled workforce, experienced and duly trained technical team, in accordance with the task to be carried out.

Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes (RAL)


The National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes (CNIACC), with the website www.cniacc.pt, is competent for the Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes (RAL).

  • SGR - Sociedade Gestora de Resíduos, S.A.

  • Certified Company

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  • Screening, Recycling, Energy Recovery

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